Saturday, April 5, 2008

This is how I’ve been feeling lately.

With Karina about to lose her job, Little D looking for one, drama at my work etc, etc.
Thank God that I’m a very positive person and I believe that everything happens for a reason. And better days will come.

So this Saturday morning my hubby decided to make fresh bread for us. (very thoughtful and kind of his part.).

But I had to share the results that made me laugh so hard that my belly still hurts.

There you go.

Happy Saturday.


Karina said...

That's one creepy looking piece of bread there.

Don't be sad for me though mom, I'm okay...for now anyway! ;-)

ChrisB said...

Never mind the shape~ I think it's wonderful to have homemade bread wish my hubby would make bread. A few year ago he used to manage it in a bread maker but he soon got tired of doing it!

Joy T. said...

LOL It's definitely got quite the shape on it! Ohhhh but I bet it tasted SO good. I love homemade bread. Although I certainly couldn't imagine my husband making it. Wow! I need to borrow your husband to come teach my husband :o)

lisa marie said...

Uh, yummy looking bread, although a little creepy too.

Things do usually work out. :)