Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today I will share with you part of my family. I Hope you enjoy.


Hi, my name is Luanda (on the left) and i'm 7 years old (looking pretty good for my age, don't you think?) and this is my new friend Diamond.

When she first arrived at home, 6 months ago I didn't like the idea of sharing my family love with anyone else, but as the time went by i realized that nothing changed, that i still had the same attention and a friend to play with.
She likes to lick my face but i don't mind because i love attention

Sometimes i get a little tired because she's full of energy and never stops, she disturbs my naps.

She is young and crazy she runs after me like a full, but when i don't want to play i just go to a high place were she can't get me and finaly she decides to live me alone.

Do you believe that she even likes snow? (See next pitcture)

i don't it's cold and wet and i don't like water as it is, never mind freezing cold water.

It was nice chatting with you.




Karina said...

LOVE IT! You've got this blogging thing down already mama! Just so you know, though, once you let the pets blog, its all over, they'll want to blog all the time now. Just ask Mushu, or Phil, or Blueberry! (Just some of the blogging pets I know).

susan said...

Hi Beautiful Luanda, nice to meet you and your new friend.

I've come to visit from your sister's(?) blog. Welcome to Blogland Rose! I'm sure you'll be sucked in pretty quick.

It's funny, but from what I can see of your house, we have the same floor plan and I'm living on the other coast!

qualcosa di bello said...

welcome aboard the blogosphere!!! your daughter is the author of one of my very favorite blogs! i look forward to visiting here too. your 'babies' are just gorgeous.

lisa marie said...

Luanda, you don't like the snow? Is it because it reminds you of water? Diamond is almost as lovely as you are. :) It's nice that Diamond helps keep you clean.